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ABOUT ADAM (by Marilane’s Mom)

​It’s a rare man that loves his wife as deeply as Adam loves Marilane. They were childhood friends, and interestingly, photos of Adam and Marilane playing together are sprinkled throughout family photo albums. He is the pastor of a small church, which he has humbly served for several years.  His faith is real. He lives it.   

Once, when I was visiting them in Kansas City, I parked at the far end of their driveway. I didn’t know that they never parked back there because the driveway was too narrow. Adam and Marilane had just poured themselves into fixing up their home. They had sold it and were waiting for the closing. As I backed out of the driveway, I clipped a small stone wall that was connected to the house. The entire stone wall toppled down. It looked like a corner of the house was missing.  I was horrified! When I called and told Adam what had happened, his first question was, “Are you okay?” Then he said, “Don’t worry, you’re far more important than a pile of rocks.” It was a holiday weekend, yet the Lord covered us by providing a mason who was skilled in restoring stone structures. It was repaired in a couple of days. There was no trace of damage to the home. However, Adam left an indelible mark on my heart. 

In the last weeks, I’ve witnessed a man in great pain relentlessly searching for his wife. It was Adam who okayed putting our search on social media knowing full well that he would be targeted by those wanting to draw attention to themselves. He didn’t care. He simply wanted to find his wife because he loves her.

From Left: Adam (Marilane's Husband), McKenzie, Micah, & Marilane

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